Quality Assurance
Application : Transfer Process Loading
Unloading Others
Duty : Continious Intermittent Rare
Name Of the Liquid :
Any Other Chemicals Present :
Nature of Liquid :
Presence of any Impurity/ Foreign Particles : Yes    No
If yes then its Nature :
Abrrasive Non Abrrasive Soft
Specific Gravity :
Viscosity :
Operating Temperature :
PH Value :
Discharge (Capacity):
Suction Head:
Delivery Head:
Total Diffrential Head :
(Including Pipeline Losses)
Concentration :(%)
Any Other Information You feel Necessary :
*Please Describe the Application and any Special requirements :
*Please Describe the Market (s) your business serves : Re-Rolling / Steel Industry
Chemical & Pharmeceutical
Dyes & Intermediates
Power Genaration
Pulp & Paper
Preffered Material of Construction
1. Wetted Parts
2. Non Wetted Parts

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